Creativity Women Laureates share their stories in documentary “Makers: Women Who Make America”

March 04, 2013

Mery Streep, 2008 Creativity Laureate, narrated a PBS documentary Makers: Women Who Make America that recently aired February 26 on PBS. “Makers” profiles women from a variety of fields, ranging from arts and education to sports, business and politics. These women, from the high profile to the every day change makers, including two Creativity Foundation’s Laureates, told their stories in their own ways. 2005 Laureate and former Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor, recounts eagerly following up on job leads posted at her law school in the early 1950s, only to be told, “Oh, we didn’t mean women. We don’t hire women.“ Johnnetta Cole, 2011 Creativity Laureate and current Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, talks about her experience as the first female president of Spelman College and the importance of women teaching the next generation. Other women who share their stories include Betty Friedan, Hillary Clinton, Judy Blume, Gloria Steinem.