Benjamin Franklin's Junto

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Junto Founder

B. Franklin Kahn, Founder (1925-2007)

Junto Chair, 2000-2007
Wharton Cyclic Stabilization, University of Pennsylvania
Washington Real Estate Investment Trust

Our Executive Committee

Laurie Kahn, Chair

Emmy Award, Non-Fiction, 1998
Documentary Filmmaker


David Bauer

2005 Legacy Prize Winner, Intel Science Talent Search
Research Fellow, Oxford University

Mara Mayor

Former Director, Smithsonian Associates

Trey Sunderland

Geriatric Psychiatrist

Former Director, NIH Geriatric Psychiatry Branch

Brandon Terry

2004 Legacy Winner, Phillips Brooks House

Professor of African and American Studies, Harvard University

Gayatri Datar

2006 Legacy Winner, Phillips Brooks House,

Founder, Earthenable, Rwanda


President of Longy School of Music at Bard College


Susan Centofanti

Foundation Director

Our Emeritus Members

Dudley Herschbach

Nobel Prize, Chemistry, 1986
Chemical Physics, Harvard University

Edward C. Carter II

American Philosophical Society

Wilton S. Dillon

Senior Scholar Emeritus
Smithsonian Institution
Wharton Econometrics, University of Pennsylvania

Gerald Holton

Jefferson Lecturer Prize, 1981
National Endowment for the Humanities
Physics and History of Science, Harvard University

Lawrence R. Klein

Nobel Prize, Economics, 1980

Laurel Ulrich

Pulitzer Prize, History, 1991
Early American History, Harvard University