The Creativity Foundation is dedicated to recognizing creative and gifted individuals, and
encouraging them to share what they have discovered about creativity with one another and with the public.
Our aim is to spark the curiosity, imagination and originality of future leaders in our communities.

Our Creativity Laureates

The Laureate Program recognizes extraordinarily accomplished individuals who continue to explore and share the development of their own creative thinking in the arts, sciences, humanities, business, and public service. 

2019 Legacy Prize Winners

The Legacy Prize is awarded annually to a select group of students who show great promise, creativity, and dedication in their fields.


Exploring Creativity...

Richard Kelly - The Mamelodi Township

RICHARD KELLEY, 2009 LEGACY AWARDEE & JUNTO MEMBER, TEACHING ABROAD - The Mamelodi Township of South Africa is home to more than 1 million people. Set up by the then apartheid government, Mamelodi was designated as a blacks-only area. Today, Mamelodi residents are still almost… More...