2019 Legacy Winners

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Sadie Gustafson-Zook Headshot_(2019-04-06 12-11-05)_DSC_1272A.jpg

Sadie Gustafson-Zook

As a multi-instrumentalist, award winning vocalist, and songwriter spanning the folk and jazz genres, Sadie Gustafson-Zook is a bit of a shape shifter. Her witty and charming songs provide a much-needed breath of optimism and realism to audiences across the United States. 

Since moving to Boston from Indiana in 2017, Sadie has been mingling… More...

Akilah Miller Head Shot(2019-04-06 12-14-21)_DSC_1297A.jpg

Akilah Miller

As the daughter of a service member, Akilah Millerhas lived a nomadic life. Born in Schweinfurt, Germany, she has lived in 6 states and many different cultures. Her favorite state was Hawaii. She was involved in Girl Scouts, sports teams, the West Point STEM program, dance, and many other activities… More...

Amira Idris Radovic Headshot_(2019-04-06 12-12-31)_DSC_1286A.jpg

Amira Idris Radovic

Amira Idris Radovic is CEO and founder of TheraV, a startup company developing wearable devices to help manage amputation and nerve pain. Amira was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and in 2001, at the age of nine, immigrated to Virginia with her family. A social entrepreneur with a passion for helping people, Amira has a master’s degree from the University of Delaware… More...

Rachel Seever Headshot_(2019-04-06 12-24-54)_DSC_1316.JPG

Rachel Seevers

As a young child in Kentucky, Rachel Seevers was always exploring, whether it was emptying every single item out of the kitchen cabinets or inspecting her toys to see how they worked. She loved exploring and having outdoor adventures. She began dance lessons at age 3 and later participated in choir, theater, and the Girl Scouts of America. Science Fairs became… More...

Akshay Swaminathan

Akshay Swaminathan grew up in Wood Ridge, NJ, and in his first year of high school at the Bergen County Academies, he discovered an online community of polyglots—people who spoke 10, 15, even 20 languages and posted videos about their learning. Inspired by what he saw, he began independently studying Spanish and reached proficiency in six months. Akshay’s success with Spanish… More...