Nathaniel V. Stevens

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Nathaniel Stevens was always interested in creating things; whether it was a piece of art, a winning sports team, or a musical composition. 

During his time at Amity High School in Woodbridge Connecticut, Nathaniel was involved in both the fine arts and music programs. In 11th grade, Nathaniel won the Connecticut Congressional Art Award in the school’s Honors art program, and was an avid pianist and percussionist in a classic rock and blues band. Nathaniel was also an All-State lacrosse player and varsity soccer team captain. 

At the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Nathaniel is concentrating in finance and management. While at Wharton, he has been a keen member of the entrepreneurship and technology community. In 2005, Nathaniel’s acceptance into Wharton’s Venture Initiation Program began the process of turning creative ideas into commercial realities. Last fall, Nathaniel was selected ÒTop 20 Entrepreneurs Under 25” by BusinessWeek magazine for founding and managing his fast growing internet startup, Nathaniel has also recently participated in an academic seminar for this years’ Wharton Business Plan Competition called ÒMeet the VC” and led a discussion on entrepreneurship and innovation at Penn’s Phi Gamma Nu Business Fraternity. 

As CEO and Founder of Natpal, Nathaniel is responsible for making Natpal a leader in its industry, driving innovation, and fostering creativity throughout the company. Natpal is headquartered in downtown Philadelphia and has already expanded to Washington, DC, metro area. He anticipates that Natpal will quickly become a national and maybe even international company. 

Nathaniel feels that entrepreneurship and business blend creativity and practicality very well, offering a unique mix of theory with practice. He enjoys putting academic theory and knowledge into practice and developing new and innovative ways to help contribute to society. 

Nathaniel’s favorite Benjamin Franklin quote: 
“Well done is better than well said.“
-Benjamin Franklin