Gregory Brockman

Greg Brockman is a resident of Thompson, North Dakota. He attends Red River High School and takes a large portion of his courses at the University of North Dakota. He is involved in a number of extracurricular activities, ranging from playing in his school’s Drumline to running a math club at a local middle school. He is also captain of Red River’s state-champion Science Bowl team and an active member of its Latin club. Brockman also is a writer for his local paper’s Teen Page. 

Brockman won 6th place in the 2007 Intel Science Talent Search for his theoretical math research project. He investigated Ducci sequences, deceptively simple mathematical objects that have intrigued mathematicians for nearly a century. Brockman discovered criteria for determining the behavior of these sequences. His results have been accepted for publication in the professional mathematics journal Fibonacci Quarterly. This work was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Ryan Zerr at the University of North Dakota. Brockman was selected by the other finalists to be the Glenn T. Seaborg Award speaker at the Science Talent Search Awards Banquet, an honor given to the student who best represents a commitment to scientific cooperation and communication. 

Brockman’s interests lie in diverse fields. He is currently considering studying any of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and philosophy at either Harvard or Stanford universities. His long-term goals, though rather nebulous, include becoming a researcher and furthering the knowledge of the human race. 

Brockman was also a member of the 2006 US team to the International Chemistry Olympiad, held in Gyeongsan, Korea, where he won a silver medal. He has been awarded several physics honors, including twice earning semi-finalist status in the Physics Olympiad. In mathematics, he has distinguished himself, winning many honors including an invitation to the Math Olympiad Summer Program. Brockman has also been recognized for his volunteer work; in 2006 he was named a Prudential Spirit of the Community Award Distinguished Finalist. 

Brockman is the son of Ellen Feldman and Ronald Brockman.