Nishant Ganesh-Kumar, 2012 Legacy winner, presents at 2012 Biomedical Engineering Conference

December 03, 2012

Nishant Ganesh-Kumar recently presented The Integrated Punch Biopsy Kit at the 2012 Biomedical Engineering Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Joined by his six peers from The Johns Hopkins University, Nishant and his team explained how The Integrated Punch Biopsy alters the design of the current punch tool, decreases the need for additional instruments, reduces costs and improves safety.

Nishant was recently selected to represent Johns Hopkins as a 2013 student ambassador in a new  program that provides new opportunities for students across the country to catalyze innovation on their home campuses by conducting events and creating networks that inspire and promote student entrepreneurship. The Student Ambassador program is a joint initiative of the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA) and the National Center for Engineering Pathways to (Epicenter). It is directed by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University and is funded by the National Science Foundation.  The Epicenter is unleashing the entrepreneurial potential of undergraduate engineering students across the United States to create bold innovators with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to economic and societal prosperity.