Michael Burks, 2010 Legacy winner in New York with Teach for America

December 03, 2012

Michael Burks, 2010 Legacy winner and Harvard graduate, has a third grade teaching position with Teach for America at Excellence Boys Charter School of Bedford-Stuyvesant.  He is simultaneously earning his M.A. in Education from the Relay Graduate School of Education.  Michael is following his passion for education and using the skills he obtained as a Steamboat Foundation  2010 scholar while interning  at  Facing History and Ourselves.  At Facing History,  Michael worked on a final evaluation for a multi-year educational exchange program between Hudson (MA) High School students, Tech Boston Academy Students and high school students from Kigali, Rwanda and Nyanza, Rwanda. He also worked on an annual evaluation of the Facing History School, which is Facing History’s biggest lab school.  Michael also attended various meetings, conferences, interviews and projects with esteemed faculty from various universities (Harvard Graduate School of Education, NYU, Eastern Michigan) that allowed him to learn about the inner workings of research and academia.