Chi Zheng

Chi Zeng, this year’s Legacy winner from National History Day, has a deep interest in both Chinese and American history. He was born in Beijing, China and raised in St. Louis, MO, where he is an active member of his community. Chi has served as president of his Clayton High School class, manages the school newspaper website, and supervises the morning announcements. He is a member of his school chamber choir and sings classical music with the Theatre of Saint Louis Artists-in-Training Program.

Chi has competed in National History Day for five years. In 2008, he won the National History Day website category for his website: Nixon’s 1972 Visit to China: Compromise Across a 23-Year Ocean of Conflict. The website explores the history of conflict between the U.S. and China, the compromises that made rapprochement possible, and the impacts on the two countries of this historic event. His website about Henry Ford for the 2009 competition took second place in the St. Louis area. Chi enjoys helping other National History Day students with their projects and developing websites for local organizations.

Many of Chi’s other interests have yielded honors as well.  He won an award for solo bass and quartet performance in the 2009 Missouri state solo and ensemble competition. He won first place in chemistry in the 2009 Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering regional competition and second place in math. He then placed second in chemistry in the statewide competition. In that same period he took second place in the American Chemical Society St. Louis Area Competition Advanced Division.

In his free time Chi likes to swim laps and looks for additional opportunities to sing. He also hosts events that connect him with his Chinese heritage and promote cultural diversity, such as Chinese Culture Days at the Missouri Botanical Garden and USDA Diversity Day in St. Louis. He enjoys volunteering in the community, whether that means lion dancing during Chinese New Year at a local nursing home or organizing seminars at a local Chinese school.